A new shuttle may be making its way into Rehoboth Beach

REHOBOTH, Del.- Rehoboth Beach officials are considering introducing a new shuttle service in the city to help alleviate congestion. Transit U Incorporated and the Jolly Trolley made the proposal at Monday’s commissioners workshop.

The mayor said the new shuttle will help alleviate congestion in the city and free up parking.

That’s something locals said they can get behind.

“I think it’s pretty good I think the parking is a big problem here and there’s a lot of traffic in the summer so I think this gonna be good investment,” Beckett Patterson, resident of DE, said.

The shuttle would connect Grove Park, the Deauville Beach Parking Lot and the south of the boardwalk to downtown. The service would be provided from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, which is when most of the issues happen.

“I will say that parking is the major issue of this wonderful town, coming down during the busy season trying to fight for a parking spot and keep it,” Dave Beste, resident of DE, said.

“There’s a lot of traffic down here, especially during the summer time so I think it’s going to help clear a lot of a space and it will be worth the money, Sean Stephens, resident of DE, said.

The proposed cost of the plan would be $106,000 a year, but city leaders said they’re not that concerned about the price tag.

“At some point down the road it may be something that the city doesn’t have to pay for anymore because the sustainability of the traffic flow, the revenues from that could go in and pay the city’s portion,” Kuhns, said.

While the proposal aims to lessen the issues of parking and traffic, some community members feel the shuttle may not help as much as officials want it to.

“I don’t think the shuttle will make a whole lot of difference because it’s still time when you get into a traffic jam here with a car you’re going to get into a traffic jam with a shuttle too,” Gary Wineland, part-time resident of DE, said.

While the proposal still is in the early stages, city leaders said they’re feeling optimistic.

“I feel very positive about the project because again we’ve been hearing about it for a number of years,” Kuhns said.

The mayor said they do not have a meeting planned as of right now to discuss furthering the proposal, but they do hope to have some kind of a town hall meeting within the next month or so.

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