Work is underway to fix up Fitzwater Street in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – Work is underway to fix up Fitzwater Street in Salisbury, a road that’s notorious for flooding.

Mayor Jake Day said, “It’s to repair the sewer, to repave the road, and to re-engineer the crown of the road so that water stays at the edges.”

The almost six million dollar project got a jump start when a sewer line on the street collapsed.

Mayor Day said, “In preparing for this, there happened to be a sewer collapse last week right where we were getting ready to work, so it expedited some of the sewer work and that’s what’s happening today.”

We’re told the westbound lane of Fitzwater will be closed for about a month so crews can replace sewer lines, but after that, work will begin to address flooding in the area.

Mayor Day said, “This is so low lying we’re in a spot that maybe shouldn’t have ever been developed and built but we’re not going to abandon this road we’re not going to abandon this neighborhood or anything like that but rather we are going to fix it.”

One of the ways the city will fix it is by raising the center of the road to redirect water to the sides of the street, but not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Dana Simson, owner of the Chesapeake East building said, “Once again, it’s going to be flooded at the sides.”

Another way the city is looking at addressing flooding though is by implementing some green infrastructure.

Mayor Day said, “We’re looking at ways to capture that water in green infrastructure, in rain gardens and bioswales, so that the water is not sitting on asphalt but rather it slowly is going back into the soil.”

No matter how the city solves the problem, it seems everyone is in agreement about one thing: the flooding on Fitzwater needs to be addressed and soon.

Clifton Johnson, a resident who lives on the street said, “Just hope to get it taken care of.”

We’re told this entire project should take about two years to complete.

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