Winter is coming: How to prepare your home for cold weather

SALISBURY, MD. – Like it or not winter is coming. And now is the best time for you to take the necessary steps to make sure your home is protected from the cold.

“The first step that any homeowner can do is regular service, regular routine maintenance on the piece of equipment,” said HVAC Services Unlimited Vice President Pat Tobat.

And experts tell 47 ABC there are many simple and inexpensive measures you can take to get your home ready.

“Insulating the windows so that air doesn’t get out, insulating your crawl space, insulating your attic, you’d be surprised at how many people just don’t have that insulation,” said Cool Runnings HVAC LLC associate Tina Tingle.

We’re also told homeowners should be checking to see if their heating system is working properly which could help you save money.

“The system can be working and can be heating and can be cooling, but not working up to its potential and cost you more money a month,” said Tobat.

But experts say you should also call in a professional to check for things that most homeowners wouldn’t normally look for.

“One of those things is making sure that the defrost sensor is working and making sure that all of your flues are clean and some of your flame sensors an things like that. Your average homeowner is not going to do that.

Experts add that if you can, get your home checked and winterized now so you don’t pay the price later.


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