What fireworks can you have on New Year’s Eve?


SALISBURY, Md. – With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, plenty of people are already thinking about fireworks. But if you’re in Maryland, you could face charges for those fireworks.

Local police departments are reminding Maryland residents that fireworks are illegal in the state. Now of course, there are exceptions to that.

Captain Rich Kaiser with the Salisbury Police Department says ground-based sprinklers and poppers are legal, but that people should use them safely.

Other fireworks are illegal and could get you into some major trouble.

“You could receive a citation for that, yes, and depending on what happens during that investigation, potential physical arrest is possible,” Captain Rich Kaiser with the Salisbury Police Department said.

Captain Kaiser says that his department doesn’t typically see a high number of illegal fireworks, but that they like to remind people before holidays.

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