Trump’s Impeached: What’s next?

DOVER, Del. – History in the making, as Donald Trump becomes the third president in United States History to be impeached. Now, facing two charges: Abuse of Power and Obstructing Congressional Investigations, those articles will be transferred over to the Senate for a vote where President Trump will be tried.

“Anything that is less than 2/3 would be an acquittal,” said Political Science Professor at Delaware State University, Dr. Samuel Hoff.

But officials say the Senate trial will be a lot different than the previous ones with former impeached Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Which could actually play into President Trump’s favor.

“Unlike previous impeachments, the fact that the Senate is in line with the President’s party bodes well with the President and his chances of acquittal,” said Dr. Hoff.

The historic vote is not only splitting party lines but is causing quite the divide in the nation as well.

“It should have happened, Trump was acting too wild in office, he tried to shut down welfare try to do all this and that it should have happened,” said Devan Roberts.

“I think the impeachment thing was, I wouldn’t use the word hoax, but it was definitely based upon the fact that they wanted to impeach him since day one,” said Chris Malone.

However, Democratic Party Leader, Nancy Pelosi isn’t sending the articles over to the Senate just yet. Using them as leverage to ensure a fair trial. But until then, all Washington and the white house can do is wait.

“You would think that the administration would not want this hanging over their head. And so, the idea is that they would work with Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats to at least have some sort of agreement to have a fair trial,” said Dr. Hoff.




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