Town of Selbyville seeks to revitalize shopping district

SELBYVILLE, Del. – People in Selbyville are hoping for changes that could breath new life into their downtown area in the next few years.

“There is quite a need,” said Ashley Abell, owner of Attics of My Life.

“I get asked all the time, what about a clothing store, I wish there was somewhere to shop for clothes down here,” said Abell.

Just days ago, town officials released a survey, asking residents and business owners what they would like to see moving forward.

“More shops, more people to come in town,” said Sonna Rhudy, owner of Antique Junction.

On the survey, residents are asked if they would like to see more sidewalks, restaurants or even lighting as part of the town’s revitalization efforts.

“We need it all,” said Rhudy.

“We need it all to bring the people in town,” said Rhudy.

Town officials are also asking residents for thoughts on things like, playgrounds, medical access and more.

But, local shop owners tell us, they also need more support from the town so that business can thrive.

“There’s not a lot of incentive right now as opposed to other areas,” said Abell.

“You know, small business grants to get up and running because you do have to put out a lot of money,” said Abell.

Sonna Rhudy, owner of Antique Junction, has been working in the Selbyville area for decades, but she tells us, keeping her business alive has been rough.

“We’ve been doing what we’re doing for 40 years in the area and we have quite a following,” said Rhudy.

“That’s what supports us, and I do advertising to try and bring people to us, but that’s become very, very expensive,” said Rhudy.

Ultimately, locals tell us they hope this survey is a step in the right direction, to making this small town a more popular destination.

The survey also asks residents for thoughts on additional parking spaces and public transportation at the shopping district in the future.

For those who are interested in weighing in on the survey, click here.

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