Toasted Skin Syndrome; a rash you should know about

SALISBURY, Md.- Toasted Skin Syndrome may not be familiar to many people, but it is something people should be aware of.

It is a skin rash that is created by heat on the skin, but it’s not hot enough to cause a burning of the skin.

It starts to occur when there is enough heat that it changes the blood flow in the skin, which creates the rash.

Dermatologists said the seriousness of the rash can depend on the temperature of the heat applied to the skin and how long it is in place.

Toasted Skin Syndrome can be caused by various sources, but all can impact the way your skin reacts to the heat.

“Probably the most common I see is a heating pad or a hot water bottle used for back aches or belly aches or things like that, but computers that create heat rested in peoples laps can create the problem, ” Dr. Luette Semmes, Peninsula Dermatologist, said.

Peninsula Dermatology said that fire places and hot baths can cause the rash as well. You are recommended to limit contact with heat on your skin.

If you do have this rash and feel it could be something more, then you should contact a dermatologist.

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