Tips for sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

47 ABC – With Christmas behind us, a lot of people have probably have started thinking about those resolutions. But how do you stick to them?

Whether your goal is to exercise more, eat healthier or save money, experts recommend you think of attainable actions to get you there. It can be hard to stick to resolutions if you are starting from scratch and aim very high. Instead, try creating small goals as stepping stones to get to your big resolution.

“It’s more about making it very specific, putting a time limit on it and what is the next logical step to take but never taking a step larger than you think you can accomplish,” says Dr. Kathryn Seifert, the CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services.

Seifert also recommends you write your goals down. You can try starting a journal and keeping track of your progress through out the year even planning out how you’ll reward yourself once you hit each milestone.

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