The Brightside: Benches on Baltimore Avenue bring holiday cheer

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Rehoboth Beach.

Tim Colfer, a manager at Shademakers Eyewear on Baltimore Avenue said, “I’m glad that it’s introducing Rehoboth to everyone.”

Locally owned businesses are using ordinary benches to transform Baltimore Avenue and North 1st Street into a festive holiday display.

Colfer said, “It’s amazing. You just have to walk around and look at it, it’s just mind blowing what you can do with a bench.”

Each bench has its own unique look. From snowmen, to candy canes, to even Buddy the Elf, there’s no shortage of what you can find.

Colfer said, “At Patty’s around the corner, she has a little car where you can actually get behind the car and take a photo of yourself.”

This all started back in 2018 when Tim Colfer put a skeleton on one of the benches in front of his store as a Halloween decoration.

“We had so many people who were taking selfies it was just amazing on one little bench,” he said.

After realizing how much attention his decoration drew, Tim decided to get other businesses involved.

Colfer said, “Watching people in the store, it was just amazing. So then I thought, ‘Well why don’t I start a Facebook page called Benches on Baltimore?'”

The benches now get decorated three times a year.

Colfer said, “We have Spring, we have Halloween and we have Christmas.”

The number of businesses taking part this Christmas is impressive.

Colfer said, “By the time we’re finished with all the benches and going around, we should have over 45 benches decorated.”

The main goal of all of this is to introduce more people to Baltimore Avenue.

Colfer said, “My main goal was to grab everyone from Rehoboth Avenue and bring them down here and give them a reason to walk down Baltimore Avenue.”

It seems the benches are doing just that.

“We’re getting a lot of positive feedback,” he said.

Businesses tell us they see a boom in customers whenever their benches are decorated.

Bruce Packard, whose wife owns A Wish Called Wanda on North 1st St. said, “A lot of our customers say nice things about our bench. People sit on it and take pictures.”

Keith Meisner, whose wife owns Sassy Chic said, “I do think we get more because of the benches and people want to see what’s going on in the community.”

Even though the business community here is a tight one…

Packard said, “Its very supportive, very friendly.”

We’re told they still enjoy getting in on a little friendly competition when it comes to these benches.

Colfer said, “Everything is beginning to be a competition, a little friendly competition where my bench is better than your bench, which is really cool.”

Overall, the best part about all of this is that these displays are letting everyone know that the shops on Baltimore Avenue and North 1st Street are open for business, even in the off season.

The benches will be decorated for Christmas up until January 6th.

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