Somerset County Sheriff reacts to New York City and Texas attacks

SOMERSET Co., Md. – It was a violent weekend for those of both Christian and Jewish faith. Five people were stabbed at a rabbi’s house in New York City and two people were killed by a shooter at a church in Texas. On Monday, we sat down with the Somerset County Sheriff to hear how he’s responding.

Sheriff Ronnie Howard said, “As a result of the recent shooting I’ve decided to again offer a refresher course on active shooter.”

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office has been hosting active shooter training seminars for years, but now they’re going to be tailoring those seminars to prepare for the kind of attacks that were carried out over the weekend.

Sheriff Howard said, “It’s regretful we have to do that now but it’s the times we’re in.”

In the case of the church shooting, reports state that the gunman was taken down by a security team within moments. Sheriff Howard says this goes to show how important it is to have a team like this in place, so he will be stressing that at his next seminar.

Sheriff Howard said, “We can always look to see how that church security team performed it obviously worked. Again I cannot stress enough church security teams.”

Because of the intruder who stabbed five people at a rabbi’s home, Sheriff Howard says he will be putting emphasis on how important it is to have someone monitoring the door.

Sheriff Howard said, “The church I attend, we have church security and we keep our doors locked and the church security members let the people in the church.”

The Sheriff’s Office hasn’t announced when they’re going to be hosting their active shooter training course yet.

We will be sure to update this article when we learn when that is happening.

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