Somerset County Public Schools cracking down on school threats

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md.- With recent shooting threats made at Crisfield High School, officials informed students that this behavior will not be tolerated.

The student who made the threat said that it was a prank, but officials said that making people panic is no joke.

“There is no prank situation, when it comes to posing a threat to students, to our facility, to our staff, to anybody, it can be the funniest of funny to the student, it does not matter to us, we take it seriously,” Dr. John Gaddis, Superintendent of Somerset County Public Schools, said.

While this may be a joke to some students, they do not realize the impact that threats can have.

“It can impact college admissions, it can impact you legally, it can impact you financially, not just to mention what it does with high school it is far reaching beyond that,” Gaddis said.

“It’s not a prank all choices have consequences and these consequences will follow you the rest of your life so they need to be very careful about the pranks they pull,” Sheriff Ronnie Howard, Somerset County Sheriff, said.

Threats like this are dealt with on different levels and there are policies put in place so the problem can be handled properly.

“In this situation, if someone makes a threat they will be suspended for three days by the principal, the principal recommends that additional seven days, and fills out an expulsion packet,” Gaddis said.

Officials hope that students will learn from the consequences and realize what their priority is when they go to school.

“Go to school, learn and do what you’re supposed to do, do not make a prank like this, do not think this is funny, it is serious, there are serious consequences,” Gaddis said.

The superintendent said that in the seven years he’s been with the county there has been three threat situations like the one they had recently.

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