Silent vigil organized to raise awareness for migrant families

LEWES, Del. – Nearly 40 people gathered in Lewes for a silent vigil on Sunday to show support for migrants held in detention centers.

The silent vigil took place near the Zwaanendael Museum on Savannah Road.

People stood in silence holding signs to show support for children and families being held by border patrol.

They will gather outside every couple of weeks to express their solidarity with migrants.

Organizers tell 47 ABC they believe these migrants deserve to be treated with a greater level of care by the government, and they add that it is important for people to raise their voice.

“One of the things that’s very important about this vigil is this was not organized by any organization,” said Rev. Canon Mark Harris.

“This is organized as a result of people getting together who are concerned, and I guess one of the great messages of this is that people can in fact step up not organized by any organization, but simply doing what is right and that’s really the power of this,” said Harris.

State leaders like U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester have expressed support to this group.

Meanwhile, other area residents tell us they believe these organizers are wasting their time and that conditions are fine at the border.

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