Salvation Army is seeing low numbers for donations

SALISBURY, Md.- When it comes to donating money to the red kettle campaigns, it seems that people are just not giving like they used to.

The Salvation Army is not positive on why donations are low this year, but the timing of when the campaign started may have something to do with it, along with not having volunteers.

“One thing that works against us this year is that Thanksgiving was so late, so we’ve lost out on five bell ringing days,” Captain Matthew Trantham, with the Salvation Army, said.

The organization does not believe that past accusations of being against the LGBTQ community has to do with low numbers.

“While there are people groups that have different opinions about that and some who have stories that they would share, I know the mission of the Salvation Army has remained the same for the whole 150 odd years we’ve been around,” Trantham, said.

Without the donations needed, it hits the community hard, especially because children depend on the resources provided.

“Without the Salvation Army our community would suffer and we depend on the community to support us and keep us afloat,” Trantham, said.

This year the Salvation Army tried to make donating easier by giving people the option to donate through Apple Pay and Google Pay at red kettle stands.

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