Salisbury University to hire Chief Diversity Officer, students reacting

SALISBURY, Md. – Students at Salisbury University are reacting after learning that Salisbury University will soon hire a Chief Diversity Officer.

The announcement comes a few weeks after racist vandalism was found on the campus back in November, but now some students say this is happening too late.

“I think it’s very delayed, I don’t understand why it had to take for a graffiti incident to kind of make a stand for equality really,” one student, Jean Mocombe, said.

You may remember that just weeks ago, the student body found racist vandalism in Fulton Hall, and that disturbing discovery is still sticking with a lot of students today.

“I literally just came from the building, and I walked the stairway,” another student, Luis Ibarra, said.

Some students feel the new Chief Diversity Officer won’t make much of a difference.

“I don’t really think a new diversity officer would help, I don’t think it’s him that made the person write that on the wall,” Carly Wang, another student, said.

But Dr. Charles Wight, the University’s President, says this new position is not in response to the recent vandalism. Wight says this position has actually been in the works for over a year.

“When I became president I started announcing things that I would spend my time on, I made a speech during my inauguration where diversity and inclusion was a major part of that speech,” Dr. Wight said.

It’s a position that Dr. Wight says is necessary, and one that will help the campus move forward from recent events that shook the community.

“A diversity officer can work to educate our campus community about what our responsibilities are and what our limitations are,” Dr. Wight said.

Some students 47 ABC spoke with say they are thankful the university is taking steps to make students feel more included and welcomed.

“I think it’s a really good idea, I think that having someone else that we can talk to about the issues that surround the campus is really helpful and I know that personally I feel safer with this new person coming on the campus,” Kendall Jackson, a student, said.

Overall, the students here can all agree on one thing: they’re looking forward to moving past the racist vandalism together.

“This is a school, we’re here to learn, there’s no place for hate and anything like that,” Ibarra said.

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