Recycle right this holiday season

WICOMICO CO., Md. – With the holidays practically here, officials are reminding consumers about what can and cannot be recycled specifically when it comes to presents.

First, plastic packaging from items like toys most likely can’t be recycled unless there’s a number one or two in a triangle on the plastic. Unfortunately, bows and ribbons can’t be recycled but they of course can be reused.

The big ticket item, wrapping paper, can be recycled like normal paper. But there are a few exceptions to the kinds of wrapping paper that facilities accept. “Any of the regular traditional paper can be recycled but if it’s got glitter, metallic or an added substance to it, no it cannot. Same with Christmas cards. If they have any of those materials don’t put them in recycling,” says Jennifer Albero, the Wicomico Solid Waste Recycling Coordinator.

Gift bags and tissue paper can also be recycled as long as they don’t have glitter or other materials besides paper on them. Officials say it’s important that consumers do not give their recyclables to the facility inside plastic bags because that makes everyone’s jobs harder by having to rip the bags open.

Also, if you get some new gadgets this year check to see if local donation centers will take toys or household goods you no longer want before throwing them out.

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