Quirky Delmarva traditions on display this New Year’s Eve

47 ABC – If you can believe it, the decade will be over in just a few days. There are countless places you can go to celebrate, enjoy some food, drinks and of course watch the ball drop. But it wouldn’t be Delmarva without some very unique traditions, ones you can’t find anywhere else.

“I think that’s why people like it because it is super weird. It’s definitely very quirky,” says Carrie Samis, the Main Street Princess Anne Manager. “This year we have our Midnight Muskrat Dive for New Year’s eve. It’s a fantastic quirky little event sure to make your New Year’s memorable.”

Marshall, the very well dressed taxidermy muskrat, is at the center of Princess Anne’s celebration. “As he’s lowered, there will be a new LED light display that sort of highlights him and he descends at midnight,” says Samis.

Meanwhile in Crisfield, residents celebrate with an oyster drop. “We’ll hang it up about 20 feet up off the ground and we’ll release it slowly at midnight and as it opens up, you’ll see a crystal ball inside and the new year will be displayed on LED lights,” says Jim Neal, a board member with the Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District Project.

Organizers tell 47 ABC these kinds of celebrations are just as unique as the towns that host them. “Well Crisfield is not the typical town. It’s got a great history, a watermen’s history. So we’re always looking for things that would unite the community,” says Neal.

These annual events help bring people together while also showcasing the place we call home and the things that make the Eastern Shore so special. “I think just sort of really focusing on local culture and heritage is a cool thing to do, something that makes our town unique for sure and helps make the event even more memorable for folks,” says Samis.

If you’re interested or feeling brave, the Princess Anne celebration will also have a muskrat tasting where you can try the local delicacy.

Most of the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Delmarva are free to the public and family friendly. See a list of a few below:

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