Properly recycling after the holidays

SALISBURY, Md.- Christmas is now in the rear view mirror and you probably have a bunch of wrapping paper, boxes, and maybe even that Christmas tree that you need to get rid off.

In Salisbury, the Solid Waste Division said to not bag your wrapping paper and boxes, just put them into a bin.

As far as your tree goes, it can be turned into mulch when recycled, so make sure everything is off of it so it does not get filtered in with the new mulch that will be sold.

“Christmas trees of course, a lot of people are using live trees and we can recycle those, they just need to strip them down and make sure it’s just the tree and they can bring it here to our brush pile and we’ll make it into mulch,”  Jennifer Albero, Solid Waste Recycling Coordinator, said.

The Solid Waste Division wants to remind you that instead of throwing away things that can be re-used to donated them instead.

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