Police offer tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday

SALISBURY, Md. – As we approach the holidays, police are reminding people to be smart and vigilant to ensure you stay safe. If you’re traveling for the holidays, officials say to secure your home and lock all windows and doors when leaving for any length of time. And if you’re still doing last-minute shopping, remember to be aware of your surroundings, lock your valuables in your trunk, and take a look inside your car before you get in it. Police also say if you plan on celebrating over these next couple of days with some alcohol, be responsible and don’t drink and drive.

“There’s going to be parties, you’re going to be going out to dinner. Just make sure that if you’re going to enjoy some holiday spirits just get a designated driver. We want to make sure everybody’s safe, we want to make sure the holidays go well for everybody and everybody has a good time,” said Lieutenant Ryan Koerner.

Officials are emphasizing that you enjoy these gatherings responsibly, so this time of happiness does not become a time of tragedy.


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