OC Parking Task Force presents final recommendations to town council

OCEAN CITY, Md. – On Tuesday, the Ocean City Parking Task Force presented their final list of recommendations to the town council.

Terry McGean, the City Engineer for the town said, “Right now in April, May and October, in the current rate structure, the rate on street is $2 an hour. In the inlet lot [it’s] $3 an hour. It’s seven days a week.”

McGean says the Parking Task Force recommended that in April, May and October, the town make parking free Monday through Thursday, then charge drivers the regular rates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For the summer months, the Task Force recommended that the town increase those fees from $3 at the inlet lot to $3.50, and from $2 on the street to $3, seven days a week.

Locals we spoke with say they wouldn’t mind the increases so long as they knew where the money made from this would be going.

David Lockart, a local said, “I think if it’s a conducive affordable amount, it definitely benefits the city for a massive lucrative income. As long as it’s accountable to where it’s going and it’s affordable for the people.”

Another thing the Parking Task Force recommended to the council on Tuesday was to not expand paid parking in the town and to also make the towns Park and Ride free.

McGean said, “The recommendation from the Task Force would be to make that shuttle free, so if you wanted to park, park there and take a shuttle into Ocean City and there would be no cost. If you wanted to continue to ride the bus in Ocean City, you would pay $3 like everyone else does.”

The Park and Ride idea was met with skepticism from council members so in the end, they tabled that recommendation. They did accept the Task Force’s recommendation to adjust their rate structure, and their recommendation to not expand paid parking.

The recommendations that were accepted by council members on Tuesday will now be written into ordinances to be voted on at a later date.

If you want to see the Task Force’s final report, you can click here.

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