Live nativity scene coming to Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Christmas is back alive in Georgetown. That’s, at least, how some people feel after volunteers banded together to bring the nativity scene back to the town’s circle. The scene has been placed in the circle for years, but last week the town announced it would not be allowed this year because it’s an unattended display.

“We found out on Wednesday that we were not going to be able to have a nativity, and on Thursday we had a meeting to plan it, and by Sunday evening we had this built, stained, wired, and ready to go,” Kolby Dukes, a member of the Good Ole Boys Foundation, said.

Built, stained, wired, and now ready to be live in the Georgetown Circle. The nativity scene is the result of volunteers stepping up and taking a stance after the town said last week that the nativity scene was no longer allowed. It was a decision that had a lot of people reacting.

“the church was really concerned because this was just another example, we’ve been watching what happened in Rehoboth when Rehoboth moved their creche off the bandstand property, and then Georgetown passes this ordinance,” Bruce Rogers, Pastor at the Long Neck United Methodist Church, said.

The scene was not allowed under the town’s Circle Use policy, which bans unattended displays. That’s a stance that, some local churches say, felt targeted.

“It just simply seems to us that, as people of faith, that it’s always easy to say no if one single person objects,” Rogers said.

So to bring the Christmas spirit back, The Good Ole Boys Foundation called on local churches to not only have the display attended, but live.

“We have now twelve churches that have signed up and committed to taking a night, and they’re going to staff the live nativity,” Dukes said.

Now, with a live nativity set for every night starting Wednesday until Christmas Eve, local churches say this is a reminder that they won’t stay quiet.

“What’s important to the church, and what’s important to our congregation is we’re not trying to say that this is what you have to do, but we’re also saying that you can shut us out of the public circle,” Rogers said.

Local churches say seeing the community come together to bring the tradition back was inspiring and sends a loud message.

“It says that the spirit of Christmas still does live, in little old Georgetown Delaware,” Rogers said.

The Good Ole Boys foundation also says that during the nativity scene, they’ll be accepting donations of diapers sized 4, 5, and 6 and wipes for the Sussex Pregnancy Care Center

They will also be accepting donations for the Sussex County Foster Parents Association, and are looking for diapers sized 3-7, wipes, new diaper bags, school supplies, new toys, new winter coats, or gift cards.


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