Fire officials warn of dangers with Christmas trees

PARSONSBURG, Md. – With December here, you may have already put up a Christmas tree. Now, fire officials are reminding you of potential dangers that tree could pose.

Fire officials tell 47 ABC Christmas trees can pose a risk when they aren’t watered correctly or sufficiently.

Dry needles on the tree mixed with hot lights and extension cords can cause a problem, so those officials say it’s important that you check your tree daily to make sure it’s taken care of.

“If you are using a real Christmas tree, make sure that the water is full at the base of the tree, and also that if you see the tree drying out that you know it’s time to take the tree down,” Ryan Whittington with the Ocean City Fire Department said.

Officials say to learn how to properly dispose of your tree, you can always contact your town or municipality.

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