ECI hiring event happening this weekend at SU

SALISBURY, Md.- ECI is trying to make the effort to tackle the shortage of correctional officers. That’s why they are having a first time hiring event on the Eastern Shore at Salisbury University Saturday and Sunday.

They are hoping that these hiring events can change that and they can hire qualified people to help make positive impacts in the prison.

“We’ve expedited the whole procedure, so qualified applicants can get a letter, an offer letter of the employment for conditional employment if they pass the background later,” Walter West, Warden at ECI, said. “There is a shortage nationwide, of like I said law enforcement and also corrections officers and with his push, these one day hiring events, looking at all the applicants I think this is on the forefront of filling our vacancy needs.”

Officials at ECI said shortage of staff does not have to do with past issues, such as the lockdowns, and contraband and drugs found, but they are continuously putting time into the prison to make it a safer place to work.

“Secretary Green and Governor Hogan are driven to get corruption out of our prisons and that was their initiative to rid our facilities and all our correctional facilities in the state of Maryland,” West, said. “Our biggest steps to decrease the contraband is in our front entry and rear entry procedures, everyone’s searched coming in to the facility, everything they bring in is searched and gone through, we have drug detection dogs.”

ECI hopes that interviewees know that adding staff will make for a more organized environment, while making the work day easier for all.

“The more staffing we have the more efficient we can be, officers aren’t as tired and don’t have as much drafting and as much forced over time so it will be better for all of us,” Walter Holmes, Assistant Warden at ECI, said.

ECI officials said that this year 261 correctional officers were hired and many of the one-day hiring events have helped to employee some of these officers.

The hiring event will be held at Conway Hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m..

If you are planning to attend the event, you can expect a brief assessment and to interview in front of a panel.

You are recommended to fill out an application prior to the event.

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