Dorchester County to seal new time capsule for next 50 years

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – “Those in the future will have an opportunity to see what we left for them to learn from,” said Victoria Jackson-Stanley, Mayor of Cambridge.

“Our gains, our weaknesses, our strengths and our mistakes,” said Jackson-Stanley.

In just hours, about a hundred items that represent present day Dorchester County will never be seen again, sealed for the next 50 years.

“It sets a legacy for us,” said Jackson-Stanley.

In the future, people will discover all sorts of letters, medals from Ironman triathlons, as well as memories of art work and film on Harriet Tubman, that’s marked the area.

“This is a person who has a legacy that talks about freedom, liberty, is a spiritual individual,” said the Harriet Tubman Museum Curator, William Jarmon.

“In other words, the written history that is there will live for an eternity,” said Jarmon.

On top of that, in 50 years, future moms and dads from the area will get to see their work as students for this year’s 350th Anniversary.

“We decided to include all of the art work and essay winners in the time capsule that we’ll be sealing for another 50 years,” said Julie Gilberto-Brady, manager of the Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area.

This time capsule is also a chance to remind future leaders of their past, and help them charge moving forward.

“We want our future leadership to know that they’re moving forward based on them standing on our shoulders, and I think that’s very important in anything we put in that time capsule,” said Jackson-Stanley.

Another item soon be sealed is an iPhone with the county’s new Visit Dorchester Audio Guide app.

The items will be sealed in the coming days and organizers say the time capsule will likely not be buried underground.

The time capsule will also include news from 47ABC about the Dorchester County’s 350th Anniversary.

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