37th Annual Ocean City Christmas Parade brings joy to community

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The holiday season picked up in Ocean City with fire trucks and school bands marching along coastal highway on Saturday.

It is all part of the 37th Annual Ocean City Christmas Parade and on Saturday hundreds grabbed a seat and spread some holiday cheer at the resort town.
“This is one of the finest parades I’ve ever seen,” said Bob Brenner, a resident in Ocean City.
“The whole community gets involved as you can see not only in Ocean City, but from all over Delmarva,” said Brenner.
Several high school bands, all sorts of cars and even holiday floats with special appearances by the Grinch lined up the streets.
First responders also got in on the fun.
“You’ve got police, you’ve got fire, your public services,” said Brenner.
Families say it is this spirit of togetherness, that keeps them coming back to Ocean City for the holidays every year.
“The kids just really love it,” said Mike Hewett, a resident in Mount Airy.
“They love to see all the different floats and things and hear the bands and stuff like that and getting the candy,” said Hewett.
But, beyond the candy and the fun surprises, families tell us it is the twinkle in their kids’ eyes, that makes coming to this parade worthwhile.
“I just love when they smile and go, oh, look at that mommy,” said Joanna Brown, a Baltimore County resident.
After the big parade, celebrations continued at the Carousel Hotel, for music and pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.
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