150,00 Perdue Foundation Grant helping individuals with disabilities

SALISBURY, Md.- The Franklin P. and Aruthur W. Perdue Foundation announced Wednesday that they are generously giving a 150,000 grant to help build a baseball field in Wicomico County.

The Project 7 1/2 will make a huge impact by building the first-of-its kind baseball field that will be for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Perdue hope that by bringing this to the community it will give individuals a chance to have a more accessible place to spend time with families outdoors.

“I really think that the families who will be impacted to be able to see their loved ones participate not only on a team but on a field, to be a part of something something where anyone can participate and have a great time, I think is gonna be a great opportunity for them,”Kim Nechay, Executive Director of the Perdue Foundation, said.

The grant will help the county start construction on the field.

They hope that Project 7 ½ will bring tournaments and other recreational activities to shore.

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