Worcester County leaders testify in Annapolis over Kirwan concerns

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Worcester County leaders testified in Annapolis on Tuesday to highlight their concerns over the Kirwan Commission’s suggested funding formulas.

The Kirwan Commission was created to improve Maryland’s public education system. The commission is recommending that the state increase teachers salaries, invest in early childhood education and more…but those recommendations would require about $4 billion in funding.

Worcester County Commissioner Chip Bertino says if the county is forced to fund at increased levels because of these recommendations, the money would have to come from other parts of the county budget, whether that be in increased taxes or cuts to other services.

Commissioner Bertino said, “The hope is to just to give them an understanding and put into perspective the challenges that we as Worcester County tax payers are facing each year with the Worcester County budget.”

In attendance on Tuesday was the President of the Worcester County Commissioners, the Superintendent of Worcester County Public Schools, school board members and more.

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