Veterans honored at annual ceremony in Wicomico County

WICOMICO Co., Md. – On Monday, people across the nation honored those who fought for our country’s freedom. In Wicomico County, veterans were honored with a special ceremony at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center.

The ceremony at the Wicomico Veterans War Memorial started with patriotic music and was followed by the recognition of our local veterans.

Veterans were asked to stand when their service was called. As they stood, they were applauded by others.

Flags at the memorial were then lowered to half staff to honor our veterans and their service.

For a moment after that, people who went missing in action or were prisoners of war were remembered by all in attendance.

We’re told this ceremony means a lot to the veterans who attend because its not every day that they get to come together and be honored for their service.

Tony Sarbanes, a Chairman on the Wicomico County War Memorial Committee said, “You don’t know how much that means to somebody who served in the military, varying types of service, but they’re recognized. They stand up, people look at them and say, ‘Gee wiz, I know that person.'”

As a reminder, Veteran’s Day, initially called Armistice Day, was created to honor World War I veterans and to celebrate the official ending of the First World War. In 1954 though, after having been through World War II and the Korean War, legislation was approved to change the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day, making November 11th a day where all American veterans could be honored.

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