Sysco agrees to settlement with Department of Labor

UNITED STATES – The U.S. Department of Labor announced a settlement with Sysco, a major food product company, after they allegedly discriminated against women as recently as five years ago.

This settlement does not mean that Sysco is admitting liability, but instead they’re agreeing to terms with the Department of Labor to essentially close the investigation and complaints.

The Department of Labor says between 2013 and 2014, Sysco discriminated against 238 female applicants for positions in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and did not hire those women in outbound selector positions.

The Department of Labor says this type of discrimination goes against an executive order than clearly bans gender discrimination.

Now as part of the settlement, Sysco will pay over $180,000 in back wages and benefits to the women who were impacted.

Sysco will also offer 60 jobs to those original applicants whenever positions open up.

Lastly, Sysco says they will review their hiring policies and make any changes necessary to avoid this in the future.

47 ABC reached out to the Department of Labor for a statement and we have not yet heard back.


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