Sussex County Girl’s Summit inspires young women

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Nearly 300 girls from across Sussex County found inspiration today at the Fifth Annual Girl’s Summit in Georgetown.

The event hosted by the local non-profit Pathways to Success took place at the Crossroad Community Church.

Girls from across the county got the chance to meet with professionals and community advocates to learn new life skills like how to be optimistic.

Many of them came from schools like Cape Henlopen High School and Sussex Technical High School.

Organizers say events like these are a chance to teach girls that they can overcome any obstacle they face.

“This day is a special day for the girls,” said Sarah Gilmour, the outreach coordinator at Pathways to Success.

“It’s for them to learn to hopefully grow, to understand that there’s a whole world outside of their immediate circumstances,” said Gilmour.

Different college representatives were also at the summit to help these girls find new opportunities for success.

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