Students participate in annual Civics and Law Day Conference

SALISBURY, Md. – Local law professionals spent the day at Wicomico High School on Thursday, talking to students about their careers.

It’s all part of James M. Bennett’s 5th Civics and Law Day Conference. More than 100 students attended sessions in partnership with the Wicomico County Bar Association. They learned about topics like 10 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know, Free Speech as well as Rights and Responsibilities. Students say it’s helpful hearing directly from people currently working in the field.

“I’m not sure if I want to do defense or prosecution yet but that is what I am interested in and I also did the free speech one and that one was really interesting because I got to know my rights as a citizen and how my rights are limited when I’m in school versus when I’m out of school,” says Katie Mitchell, a sophomore at Bennett High.

“I think it gave me more insight. You learn more when someone who is in that section tells you about their job, what they do, how it goes ,” says Nurbanu Sahin, a¬†sophomore at Bennett High.

Two of the speakers in attendance were Gil Allen the President of the Wicomico County Bar Association and Bo McAllister the Clerk of the Court for Wicomico County.

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