Rehoboth Beach says no nativity scene allowed on boardwalk


REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Residents and community members in Rehoboth Beach are reacting after a controversial decision by the city to remove a nativity scene from the bandstand on the boardwalk in 2018.

The city told Saint Edmunds Church that the scene could not be placed on the bandstand because the city doesn’t allow religious displays on public property. But all of this didn’t even happen this year.

“This actually goes back to 2018 at this time of the year,” Mayor Paul Kuhns said.

It was one year ago that the local church displayed the nativity scene, before being told days later to remove it.

“They got kind of upset about the fact that we weren’t allowing it there, but the city policy is not to have religious displays on public property or city property,” Mayor Kuhns said.

While that is the city policy, many in Rehoboth beach are angry about the city’s stance. taking to Facebook and saying that Christmas is all about religion, and that the scene should be on display in Rehoboth Beach. But the city says the scene can be placed somewhere else.

“The Chamber of Commerce in the city made the offer of 306 Rehoboth [Avenue] to Father Cocco and we have not heard anything back,” Mayor Kuhns explained.

Mayor Paul Kuhns adds that by denying this religious showcase, the city is attempting to be more inclusive.

“We didn’t want to be exclusive and say put up a nativity scene and then go say that we’re for that religion, and because we don’t have anything else, we’re not for those religions,” Mayor Kuhns said.

The city says their stance on the subject won’t be changing any time soon.

“I think from the perspective of the city it’s easier to not have anything and allow on any kind of private property any kind of display that anybody would like to do,” Mayor Kuhns said.

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