Plans move forward to build new Howard T. Ennis school in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Plans to build a new Howard T. Ennis School in Georgetown are moving forward. According to Indian River School District Officials, the district’s Board of Education approved plans for the new school to be built across from Sussex Central High School. They say the new school, which provides services for students with disabilities, will nearly double in size and provide a better learning environment for these students. They add the new school will also help address the overcrowding issues in the district.

“That’s a major accomplishment for our district to get that school taken care of. That’s what we need to put us all on target to go ahead and start the design phase which was approved by our board last Monday night. The design phase will now move on this week to the state to be approved,” said Superintendent of Schools, Mark Steele.

Steele adds that they hope to break ground on the new school by the fall of 2020, and construction is expected to take about 18 months.

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