Officials urge pet owners to bring pets inside during cold weather


SALISBURY, Md. – As temperatures get colder and colder, especially overnight, officials are reminding pet owners to check on your furry friends.

Officials at the Wicomico County Humane Society say they’re not taking things lightly this winter, and they’ll be making house checks when they know of animals being kept outside at night or for extended periods in cold temperatures.

Those officials tell 47 ABC that if owners do keep their pets outside, they need to have them housed in a structure that has four walls, a roof, and is off the ground.

Any owner that does not comply could risk having their pet taken away.

Those officials also say that while you can make accommodations for your pet outdoors, it is always best to bring them inside.

“We would actually prefer that people did not put their pets outside, pet should be your family and be kept inside with your family, but if you feel the need to keep them outside, we just want them to be taken care of correctly,” Kimberly Nock, Director of the Wicomico County Humane Society, said.

The Wicomico County Humane Society is available to answer any questions about how to keep your pets safe during the winter.

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