No lines, few shoppers in disappointing Black Friday

SALISBURY, Md. – Excitement over deals on Black Friday seem to be a thing of the past as shoppers say Black Friday traditions are changing.

“Bring Black Friday back!” Jimmy Hall, one shopper, said.

And that’s the feeling, after Friday morning brought a, let’s just say, disappointing shopping day.

“I pulled into the parking lot today, absolutely no lines, the spark is gone, I guess the crowd was here last night,” another shopper, Robin Hull, said.

Hull lines when she went to Target, and that’s because there were barely any lines anywhere. Our 47 ABC crew searched around Salisbury on Friday morning to find any shoppers who braved the cold to wait in line to cash in on some deals. The only place we found a line? Tractor Supply. Other than that, it was a ghost town.

“We were shocked to come up, and we could sit in the car and wait for a while and then just walk up here at 10 of and still walk in without having to like rush,” Kristi Hall said.

But no lines means no excitement for some Black Friday thrill-seekers who look forward to the madness and the discounts.

“That’s the excitement for Black Friday, I mean everybody comes out here for the mad rush, the craziness, now it’s nothing,” Jimmy Hall said.

“I just remember in the past just kind of sleeping out in front of the stores, waiting for that hot toy item, the crowds pushing for the items,” Hull added.

But what’s to blame for the end of Black Friday craziness? These shoppers have some ideas.

“With everything being open on Thanksgiving now, there’s no Black Friday really,” Jimmy Hall said.

“I kind of wish they would stop the Thursday, the Thanksgiving shopping, allow families to spend time with families,” Hull added.

So after a less-than-exciting Black Friday, these shoppers say there’s only one thing left to do:

“I guess I’m just going to go home and eat my leftovers from Thanksgiving last night,” Hull said.

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