New funding makes an impact at North Georgetown Elementary

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Change is here and educators at North Georgetown Elementary School say it’s good.

The state of Delaware believes in the staff at the Indian River School District and that is why it delivered millions in grant funding money designed to help English Language learners and low-income students.

“The needs of the Hispanic population, especially in the northern part of the Indian River School District are very, very high,” said Gemma Cabrera, a community bilingual liaison.

Educators say that one of the Indian River School District’s three new grants is having a huge impact on the school and the students who need it most.

“The funding has definitely helped,” said Cabrera.

“It’s made a big difference,” said Sarah Green, the acting principal at North Georgetown Elementary School.

Thanks to the funding the school now has teams of interventionists who work closely with students and their teachers and improve current programs.

“She teaches us how things are called and there we learn,” said Holiver Enrique Ramirez, a third grader.

“Letter identification, letter sound, shapes and colors to working towards sight words and working on building sentences,” said Green.

Educators say someone will now be able to work specifically with students who are new to the country as well as a new school setting.

“It’s really helped them and we’ve noticed such a difference both with just social engagement with their peers and their teachers to wanting to be involved in the instructional content area,” said Green.

On top of that educators are able to screen and test more incoming kindergartners to help identify their level of understanding sooner rather than later.

“The earlier the interventions are put into place, it benefits the students in the progress that they make in the future,” said Green.

The school got more bilingual staff members who help students with homework and community engagement.

Educators say although these new resources have made a huge impact they believe there is still plenty of room to grow.

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