Maryland Comptroller honors Fruitland business owner with award

FRUITLAND, Md. – On Monday, Comptroller Peter Franchot presented a Cornerstone Award for Local Business Excellence to Pete Roskovich, the owner Adam’s Taphouse Grill and Black Diamond Catering in Fruitland.

Comptroller Franchot said, “[He has] demonstrated time and time again that [he] can adapt to economic challenges while still prioritizing a commitment to [his] community.”

Roskovich opened up Adam’s Taphouse Grille back in 1993, and Black Diamond Lodge years later.

Roskovich said, “We were able to buy this building in 2008 and we became Black Diamonds Lodge and Black Diamond Catering as well.”

Roskovich uses his businesses to do good in his community. Beyond just serving up great food and supplying people with a beautiful venue, Roskovich has been providing plenty of jobs.

“Over this thirty years we’ve hired over 1100 employees we carry a payroll of 50 to 60 people weekly,” Roskovich said.

In addition to that, Roskovich frequently allows his businesses to be used for things like fundraisers, banquets and more.

“We let Delmar Field Hockey use this, Parkside Field Hockey, they have their awards banquet, they come here… so we’re here for the community. We give back and we help them, they help us and it all works together,” he said.

It’s that dedication to the community that made the Comptroller want to recognize Roskovich and his businesses.

Comptroller Franchot said, “Hats off to Pete and his family and everybody for producing something that employs Marylanders, gives Marylanders good wages, helps strengthen the community through philanthropy and community contribution.”

When asked what Roskovich’s advice is for other business owners, he said, “Work hard. The hours can be 12 hours, it can be 20 hours, but you also gotta be involved in the community and give back. You can’t take, take, and take.”

Only 23 other people in the state are receiving a Cornerstone Award for business excellence. One business from each county gets chosen each year to receive the award.

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