Law enforcement not backing down from drug distribution prosecutions


SALISBURY, Md. – After a handful of recent drug distribution convictions have led to lengthy jail sentences, both law enforcement and lawyers are saying that those convicted could face decades behind bars.

“The maximum sentence for drug dealing or possession with intent to distribute would be, in Maryland right now, 20 years,” one local attorney, Luke Rommel, said.

That’s a sentence that Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis says those criminals deserve.

“I take great joy in seeing drug traffickers go to prison for lengthy periods of time, absolutely, they should go away for a long time,” Sheriff Lewis said.

If you’re thinking that’s a tough stance to take, Sheriff Lewis says to take a look around you and see how drug addiction impacts families and communities everywhere.

“We all have a friend, a relative, a neighbor, that is suffering from drug addiction,” he said.

But now his office has a somewhat new focus: cocaine.

“We have seen a resurgence in crack cocaine in our area, and that’s primarily because those who are suffering from heroin addiction, or are on methadone…can no longer get high on methadone,” Sheriff Lewis explained.

But when we talk about drug dealing, it’s not always what you’d expect. Rommel says we’re not always talking about high level drug dealers moving thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

“If you were to give a person drugs even if it’s in a social setting, you might not think of that as drug dealing that you’d see in the movies or that you read about in books, but that’s just as criminal,” Rommel said.

But whether it’s a drug deal at a party or transporting mass amounts, Sheriff Lewis says he’s not slowing down.

“You bringing drugs into or through Wicomico County, you might get away with it today, you might get away with it this week, you might get away with it next month, but I’m coming for you, we are going to locate you, we’re coming for you,” Sheriff Lewis said.


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