It’s Time to Winterize

Now that winter is right around the corner and we’re starting to get some real winter-like cold, it’s time to winterize.

There are so many things you can do to prepare for the upcoming winter. Winterizing is one way to properly prepare for below freezing temperatures. Not only can winterizing help keep you and your family safe, it can keep you financially secure. So what are some things that should be winterized? Your home is a very important place to start, and here are a few tips:

-One of the most important things to do is shut off your outdoor faucets and make sure there’s no excess water left in the pipes. You can also wrap some of the pipes within your walls if accessible. This will help prevent frozen pipes and/or burst pipes. If a pipe bursts, this can become a flooding hazard or mold problem.
-You can also check your roof and clear out the gutters to prevent any blockages.
-Check your windows to see that they’re properly sealed.
-Clean out your dryer vent and air ducts in your home. Make sure your heat is working properly and if it needs servicing. Also, if you have a generator, never use it inside and make sure it is in an area that is well ventilated to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
-And lastly, your car can be winterized as well by getting an oil change and checking your tire pressure. Our car tires lose air the colder it gets.

It’s a good idea to at least start winterizing now, especially since we’re expecting a big change in our weather soon. Temperatures are expected to crash through the day on Tuesday with below freezing temperatures expected Tuesday night. The below freezing temperatures will likely continue Wednesday night as well.

As we get deeper into the fall season, it will likely get colder, so here are a few tips on how to take care of yourself and others when it’s cold. Stay safe and stay warm!

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