Fundraiser helps horses help people

GEORGETOWN, Del. – The Delmarva Chapter of the American Mustang and Burro Association hosted its 12th Annual Halloween Trail Ride and Walk fundraiser on Sunday.

The event took place at the Redden State Forest Headquarters.

Some of the money collected during the event will go towards Compassionate Hearts Inc. a group that supports people who struggle with trauma and grief with the help of horses.

Organizers say they hope to raise awareness about the positive impact these four-legged friends have on our community.

“We hear time after time the changes that are happening: ‘Oh my gosh, my son’s more relaxed,’ or we have veterans who say, ‘I was able to work through my anxiety because of the work I’m doing with the horses,'” said Rosemary Baughman, executive director at¬†Courageous Hearts LLC.

“It’s powerful, powerful work,” said Baughman.

Organizers say this event is also a chance to educate the public about the mustang horse and how you can adopt these four-legged friends.

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