Dorchester County Public Schools safety meeting

DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md.- Dorchester County Public Schools adopted the ALICE curriculum and they told parents more about it Wednesday night in a meeting held at six at North Dorchester High School.

This is the first year that Dorchester County Schools have adopted the curriculum. ALICE- also known as alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate, is considered to be the best way to respond to an active shooter.

The Superintendent of Dorchester County Public Schools, William David Bromwell, said ALICE principles are important to know and is another option other than a traditional lockdown.

“I want them to understand what ALICE principles are all about, what we’re presenting to students as well as what we’re doing in case of an emergency and hopefully our students take that back to them because you can use ALICE principles not only in a school,” Bromwell said.

Enacting these ALICE safety protocols has been a three year process in Dorchester County.

School officials said they’ve put the principles in play for all their professional employees, including bus drivers.


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