Can you hear me now? Verizon works to improve cell service on Assateague

WORCESTER Co., Md. – For years, people visiting Assateague or living in the South Point neighborhood have been unable to reach 911 in emergency situations due to poor cell service.

Michael LeCompte, President of the South Point Homeowners Association said, “At some points it was a crisis.”

Homeowners have been complaining to the county about poor cell reception for several years now.

Worcester County Commissioner Bud Church said, “I started attending their Homeowners Association meetings and then I realized there was a major need.”

Commissioner Bud Church has been trying to get Verizon to address the issue for years and at long last, work is underway to install new cell antennas on the existing radio tower located behind the Assateague State Park headquarters.

Commissioner Church said, “The word that I received, it would probably be another three four weeks before everything was totally operational.”

Homeowners are overjoyed that they will finally have good cell reception.

LeCompte said, “Hopefully it will be a good present for everybody for the new year.”

Not everyone is crazy that Assateague is going on the grid, though.

Shawn Hagerty, a State Park visitor said, “I enjoy the fact that you can get out here and get away really enjoy and connect with the beach and you can disconnect with technology and just kind of unplug.”

At the same time, visitors like Hagerty understand that cell service is needed to improve safety.

Hagerty said, “I think that piece is probably one of the only pieces as to why you would have something like that for emergency services.”

Commissioner Church tells 47ABC he was finally able to convince Verizon to improve cell service after he pointed out that millions of people visit the Assateague State and National Parks each year.

Commissioner Church says he got help from the Assateague State and National Parks and the South Point Association when it came to convincing Verizon to take action.

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