Adopt and Shop Black Friday Event

REHOBOTH, Del.-  Some people did Black Friday Shopping a little different Friday as they came out for the Shop and Adopt in Rehoboth. At this event, you could buy something at Stuart Kingston, while getting a chance to adopt a puppy or cat.

“You’re gonna buy a nice present for someone and then you’re gonna help some animals at the same time,” Mauria Stein, owner of Stuart Kingston, said.

Shop and Adopt Black Friday was a first time event that happened at Stuart Kingston, one where Brandywine Valley SPCA got the opportunity to partner with the store.

“It let’s people know what Brandywine Valley SPCA does, it gets our pets out of the shelter for the day, and it just lets people know what animals they have for adoption,” Carla DiGiacamo, with Brandywine Valley SPCA, said.

With the store owner’s love for animals, she came up with the idea to partner with the shelter for the holidays.

“I just wanted to do something to give back and help, you know raise money for the SPCA cause they’ve been great for the community,” Stein, said.

It’s an event that the SPCA said they are grateful for because it’s a new way for these animals to find their forever homes.

“It’s just a great feeling to think that these guys may not have to go back to the shelter today,” DiGiacamo said.

Stuart Kingston used this opportunity to not only give the dogs exposure, but to also give a way to help raise funds for the SPCA.

“Stuart Kingston has been kind enough to donate a portion of there proceeds sales back to our organization,” DiGiacamo said. “Every little bit counts I mean again the donations and the money that is donated to us just helps to feed these guys and shelter them.”

People who stopped in to check out the event had nothing but positive things to say.

“They all think it’s great and a couple of people were saying I wanna get a little bit of retail therapy and help out, you know raise some money for the SPCA,” Stein said.

The owner of the store has plans to continue doing this good deed every year, as she saw the impact it can make.

“I might do something in the spring again, you know maybe do it a couple of times a year,” Stein said.

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