Wicomico officials prepare for MDOT investment meeting

SALISBURY, Md. – On Thursday night, Wicomico County officials will be sitting face to face with some of the most influential administrators from the Maryland Department of Transportation to discuss some of the top priorities the county is focusing on to help improve transportation in the area.

“It can range from issues at the airport, to road safety issues, to congestion management,” said Wicomico County Division of Public Works Director, Dallas Baker.

Baker tells 47 ABC he’ll be using the time to stress the need for financial support from the state for some of the projects he’s working on. Projects that include adding traffic signals to specific areas to help prevent accidents and even relocating an entire weigh-station in Delmar.

“There is a community right behind it, a residential community and I think there’s just interest in trying to relocate that weight station someplace else a little more appropriate,” said Baker.

The meeting also gives officials from surrounding communities the opportunity to request support from the state to fund their individual projects.

“We have the Mill Street bridge, South Division Street bridge, and the Naylor Mill bridge over creek that crosses over creek that all need to be replaced that all are eligible for state funding,” said City of Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

And while there’s no telling for certain if the county will actually receive hat funding, officials say they want residents to at least know that they’re dong everything they can to make a change.

“We need that federal funding and we need that state support to make that happen,” said Day.

Thursday’s meeting will take place at the Wicomico Civic Center beginning at 7 PM, but is not open to the public

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