Salisbury University joins Supreme Court amicus brief in support of DACA

DELMARVA – “We’re getting to the time where it’s becoming a lot more intense and a little bit harder for us to focus,” said Indira Islas, a DACA recipient.

In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will step in to decide the fate of DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects hundreds of young undocumented immigrants across Delmarva.

“We have to think the worst, we always have to assume the worst because we always have to prepare for the worst,” said Islas.

That is why 165 universities across the nation are stepping up efforts to support these students who are living in limbo after the Trump administration decided to pull the plug on the program, citing future efforts by congress to strike a better deal.

“We’re here to support students in their pursuit of education,” said Salisbury University President, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Wight.

On that list is Salisbury University.

“We try to build an inclusive environment where everybody is welcomed to pursue excellence,” said Wight.

The program gives these students a chance to work and pursue a better life.

So, educators are asking the Supreme Court to defend DACA, while arguing that all students play a significant role in their society no matter where they come from.

“If we can do that, then we’ll have done them a huge favor,” said Wight.

People like Indira Islas say this new push is critical and adds that she is worried about Congress’ ability to pass a solution while students like her are stuck in limbo.

“In my situation, not having DACA would be impossible for me to become a doctor when it comes to like residency,” said Islas.

The Trump administration argues that the Supreme Court should support his mission to end the DACA program so that Republicans and Democrats can come up with a different deal that let’s these students stay in the country.

The Supreme Court will hear these arguments on November 12.

Salisbury University joined with other universities to support DACA before Salisbury University President Dr. Charles Wight stepped into his current position.

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