Salisbury roundabout construction will begin on Friday

SALISBURY, Md. – On Friday, construction will begin on a new roundabout at the intersection of Carroll Street, Riverside Drive, Mill Street and Camden Avenue in Salisbury.

Amanda Pollack, the Director of Infrastructure and Development for the City of Salisbury said, “So we’re going to keep the intersection open during construction, but you’ll see some lane shifting.”

The construction is likely going to cause some serious headaches for drivers.

Pollack said, “It will take a while. You’ll have a different traffic pattern that you’ll get used to for a couple months as they’re doing construction on the other side.”

Pollack says the city will work hard to alert drivers of any changes before they happen.

“There will be plenty of signs we will let people know,” she said.

Some feel all of this is one big mistake.

Ronald Wood, a Salisbury Resident said, “I don’t see it helping traffic any, I see it making it worse.”

Some drivers fear the roundabout will present new safety issues at the intersection.

Wood said, “Just think about the new medical place with where its staked off at now and whats going to happen when somebody runs into the front of that building because they’re narrowing everything in front of that building. It’s a stupid idea.”

The city argues otherwise.

Pollack said, “So we will be improving the way bicycles and pedestrians can get through the intersection as well as keeping the flow of traffic going for vehicles.”

No matter what your opinion is, work is beginning so starting Friday you should allow for more time on your commute.

Pollack said, “The whole thing should take about six months. By next spring we should have the roundabout done.”

There will be a limited amount of detours available to drivers during construction.

The city says you should take Route 13 or take Waverly Drive to Carroll Street if you want to avoid the intersection.

If you want to take Division Street as a detour though, you’re out of luck as construction will still be happening on that street for the next several months.

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