PRMC launches behavioral health campaign for children, adolescents

SALISBURY, Md. – Every year, doctors at Peninsula Regional Medical Center see nearly 700 children suffering from a range of behavioral health issues.

“We are seeing such an increase in behavioral health issues including suicide and depression in children,” said PRMC Foundation President, Denise Billing.

Normally when these children are seen they’re evaluated and doctors normally determine what kind of outpatient or inpatient care they need. But getting inpatient care here on the shore was never an option. Until now.

“They do have to travel across the bridge. And many times families either don’t have the transportation or they’re not able to take off work to be able to be a part of the treatment plan,” said PRMC Foundation Assistant Director, Megan Canton.

“It’s so nice to be able to have that here where the child can have a few days to become stable and get set up with services here in the community,” said psychologist, Dr. Samantha Scott.

Recently the PRMC Foundation launched an $8.5 million behavioral health campaign to renovate an area within the hospital to provide children and teens with critical mental health services.

“They would receive counseling, they would be in group therapy, one-on-one therapy, and family therapy because it’s very important that the family is involved in this process,” said Canton.

Both psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric social workers would be on hand to evaluate, diagnose, and treat these patients.

“This is exciting news for the shore,” said Scott.

But officials say in order to make this happen, the hospital needs the community’s support. So far the foundation has raised $2.5 million for the campaign, but they still need an additional $2.5 million to get this initiative off the ground.

“Whether it’s $1, or $100 or a large donation, every penny counts towards this,” said Billing.

And while still in its early stages, health officials say it’s going to take an entire community to make this happen.

“We need everyone because it affects everyone,” said Billing.


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