Parents express concern after another fight breaks out at Salisbury Middle

SALISBURY, Md. – On Monday, another fight broke out at Salisbury Middle School.

Pastor Robert Best Jr., a concerned parent said, “This is ridiculous!”

Sheriff Mike Lewis with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office said there were around ten fights that broke out at the school last week. One of those fights ended with pepper spray and another ended with blood shed.

Sheriff Lewis said, “We had a child who was assaulted, which resulted in his being medevaced to Baltimore to a hospital for treatment.”

Every day, it seems another student is starting trouble at the school.

Sheriff Mike Lewis said, “We’ve got to get them out of that learning environment. They’re not there to learn. They’re there to terrorize and have a good time.”

The school told parents over the weekend that they would be ensuring controlled movements throughout the building to improve safety. Parents say those measures aren’t enough.

Mable Horsey, a concerned parent said, “Something needs to be done. Everyday is something different.”

We tried getting a hold of the Superintendent for four days and were refused answers. The only statement given Friday addressed that a “Safe in Place” procedure would be in effect at the school, and that additional resources would be deployed to the school as needed.

We spoke to the county on Monday for their take on situation. They said they’re concerned and they plan on sitting down with the school board to discuss safety.

Weston Young, the Assistant Director of Administration for Wicomico County said, “It will definitely be a topic that we have with the Superintendent and her staff when we meet next.”

Parents admit a change can start at home.

Pastor Best Jr. said, “I’m not saying it’s all the schools fault because we as parents have to take responsibility as well.”

As a result, some, like City Councilwoman April Jackson, are getting together in groups to brainstorm solutions.

Councilwoman Jackson said, “I’ve organized a group of women who are going to meet first and then going to go to the board of education to decide what we can help to do in the community.”

While the Superintendent’s office refuses to speak to us, a parent shared with us an email from the school’s principal. In it, the principal said the school administration is working on an “action plan.”

In the email, the principal also said they will be taking appointments after school each day for parents to talk to the administration.

For information on the group we mentioned involving April Jackson, you can visit her Facebook page or call her at 410-726-8478.

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