New grant will allow Crisfield to study its drainage system

CRISFIELD, Md. – The City of Crisfield was just awarded with a $150,000 grant to help them conduct an assessment of their drainage system.

Rick Pollitt, the City Manager of Crisfield said, “The grant for the study will help us identify all of the weak spots in our storm drainage system and then help develop ways to mitigate that and try to get an efficient flood drainage system in place.”

The city’s overall goal with this study is to address one of the city’s biggest problems, which is flooding. Far too often, people living in Crisfield have a hard time getting around due to flooded streets.

Cricket Judd, a Crisfield resident said, “It’s hard on your car.”

Unfortunately, that flood water can do more than just strand homeowners. Sometimes, it can cause damage to local businesses like Gordon’s.

Kevin Evans, one of the co-owners of Gordon’s said, “The main thing is we lose equipment, like this most recent flood with the ice cream freezer, it had to be repaired and two Pepsi machines, and this was one of the minor floods.”

The owner of Gordon’s tells us he’s cautiously optimistic about the city’s plan to address drainage issues.

Evans said, “I’m glad they’re doing it but I really don’t know what they can do, it seems like an awful big problem to solve.”

Others say, they’re just glad that something is being done.

Judd said, “I think that’s wonderful because we really need it all the way around.”

The study of the city’s drainage system isn’t the only thing that’s being done to reduce flooding.

The city has also put in a request to the federal government for over a million dollars so they can install two major pumping stations as well as tide gates.

Pollitt said, “So the more we can do to get a handle on controlling the flooding as best we can and what to expect, the more people have some confidence that we’re still a good place to come and invest.”

In addition to this drainage-system grant, the city also received a grant to help them put together a Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan. The $52,000 grant is from the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Communtiy Development Block Grant Program. The Five-Year CIP will allow the city to plan for the future by identifying infrastructure needs and funding sources.

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