Marijuana Breathalyzers could soon be a reality

SALISBURY, MD- A company in California called Hound Labs could have a marijuana breathalyzer in place by 2020. Some medicinal dispensaries feel this device may be beneficial.

Anthony Darby, CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health, says the breathalyzers may be helpful, but he also has concerns.  If the test can prove the intoxication for cannabis, then it could be helpful for the community, as well as his patients.

“If there was a bonafide test that can prove the intoxication for cannabis it could be very effective for both the community and also my patients as well,” says Darby. “I have a lot of hesitations on the accuracy that i know that many of patients would like to see a product that would help prove them to be not under the influence.”

The device would be able to test if someone had smoked within the past three hours. Some locals, like Christopher Owens, say that marijuana breathalyzers could crack down on impaired driving and it could be beneficial to businesses.

“I think it will really help us out especially if law enforcement uses it the way its intended to be used,” says Owens.

Law enforcement also feel the product could be help them while out in the field.

“We have something right now called PBT which is used for alcohol, but it would be the same process we use to make a judgment to see if the driver is impaired by marijuana and to what level their impairment would be,” says Ofc. Patrick Hogan of Salisbury Police.

In addition to helping police, those like Owens say it could help businesses find out whether their employees are coming to work under the influence.

“As a business owner personally it would be along the same lines as alcohol, if you drink alcohol I don’t want you coming to the job site obviously drunk or even someones home or behind the wheel of a car for that matter and same thing along the lines of marijuana,” Owens said.


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