Local fire department looking to raise $2 million for expansion project

MILTON, Del. – At the drop of a hat Milton firefighters are ready to spring into action without hesitation when there’s an emergency. But the number of calls the fire department is receiving is higher than ever before.

“Our fire district has grown in terms of population and developments and business and we have far more calls and we had many years ago,” said Milton Fire Department President, Johnny Hopkins.

Which is why they’re launching a $4.5 million capital campaign and construction project to expand the fire department and nearly double it in size.

“It’s an addition and a renovation project including the standing building that we’ve been in since the 40s. It was last renovated in 1980 and it was time to make some improvements,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins says improvements will include new bunkrooms for full-time staff, new training and meeting rooms, and a new engine bay that will store equipment.

“We’ve outgrown our facilities. We do have a little bit of equipment that has to sit outside.”

Construction is already underway since the project launched in September, but the department still needs to raise at least $2 million to offset mortgage fees.

“If we can lower that cost and raise some of the funds this way in the manner of a capital campaign then it will help and we also don’t want to leave a legacy of debt,” said Hopkins.

And while the department still has a ways to go before the full renovation is complete, fire officials say it’s a critical investment to help better protect and serve the people of Sussex County.

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